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SnapTube is a tool to download videos from the video blogging site YouTube. It is quick, straightforward and user-friendly to use in such a way that you don’t have to depend on the internet to play after downloading the video using SnapTube.

  • Snaptube App Download for Android is available for free.
  • Snaptube for iPhone.

This app is developed with a unique search option where you will find 11 subcategories and various sections accessible for videos, videos with most views and another for daily recommendations.

The user-friendly interface makes the browsing on this app easy. The desired video can be searched with the help of the name of the artist or the song itself in the search bar. Once you get what you are searching for, you have an option to play the video right there or download it directly on your device.

Snaptube Alternatives and Apps like Snap Tube Download

The choice given to chose the quality of the video before downloading helps you to analyze your space memory. Also, the other options include like downloading the audio, if that is all you need for the song or the album. The app has come up with a new update where you can download the videos from Facebook and Instagram as well.

SnapTube-YouTube Downloader also helps you manage your YouTube channel just like your YouTube app. Which means you can use the app as an alternative one frequently and also for the purpose of downloading the videos you need.
Needless to say, SnapTube is a very much useful app for Android when it comes to downloading videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and LiveLeak or the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. The developers have made the latest version available with a few more additions to the previous ones. The new version of SnatTube has the options like downloading videos in high quality as 1080p which includes your web pages in the one you want to download the videos from.
This is not it. There are a few alternatives for SnapTube which come with similar or more features that you must try if you are not satisfied with it or you want something more from the downloading app. Here is the list presenting for you, and the list also includes a couple of the best alternatives for iPhone as well.


Do you have a jailbroken iPhone it e or iPod Touch and looking for an app to download videos from your YouTube app? In that case, YourTube is for you to consider that suits your requirements. It’s blazing download, and the option of viewing the videos from being offline makes it the best alternative for the Android version.

Download Videos!

This is an open source app where you can download the videos from various sources of hosting like API, website, app, jquery and bash script to download videos from more than a hundred sites. It has got a User Interface which is user-friendly and helps you in understanding the app quick and thus to download faster.


Youtube-dl is a command line, which is an open source as well to download YouTube from various apps. Very prompt and trustworthy. The list of the websites it supports are many, and this is the best and simple alternative one can have for SnapTube.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter allows you to convert the videos not only from YouTube but also from other sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and plenty of other locations. The formats that are supported by this app are endless. It allows you download and convert the videos simultaneously.
The list of formats that are supported by it are Avi, Wmv, mp4 (iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, Xbox), 3gp, rip DVD, extract mp3, burn DVD and Bluray. It can also create photo slideshow, and other functions in the app include audio visualization, cut, join, rotate and upload videos, photos, and music to YouTube.

4K video downloader

4K Video Downloader have the options in it like download video, download audio, add subtitles and playlists directly from YouTube with high quality and then save them on your device you use. This is a program that comes for free to download the videos and playlists in not more than as many as 25 videos.
This is a limitation of the free version, which can be removed by paying the fee for the license. It supports multi languages in the app with a good command and interface.

YouTube Audio and Video DownloadeR

This is an open source app where you can convert the videos and then download. Conversions of videos here happen in all the available formats you name it. It has probably got all the sizes available. If you are searching for an app with a rare form, you can use this app to convert and download.

YouTube DLG

Youtube DLG is similar to the Youtube-dl, and it is across end GUI platform where you can convert the YouTube videos to MP3 and download them with the same format. You can select the size of the file before downloading. The best thing about this is that it is ad-free. So, you won’t be seeing annoying ads everywhere in the app like in other apps. The reason for this is that it is an open source.

Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download is a simplest yet quick app to download videos from YouTube in the desired format, and then convert it to the MP3 format. If there is a playlist that needs to be downloaded, you can choose this app for it. Also, it helps in converting the videos to MP4 format.

With more than 40 sites listed to download the videos in all the modern browsers, can be said as the most user-friendly app to use when it comes to downloading the video content.
This is all for now. SnapTube for YouTube is the best one, but if that doesn’t suit your requirements or if you want to try a better one or the one with fewer features or whatever the choice suits you, you can choose from this list. Comment down your favorite app to download the videos and let us know why you like it. Also, don’t forget to share. We will be back soon with an another article.
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